Start using a list


Learn what a SharePoint list is, add items to a list, edit or delete with quick edit or edit full details by opening individual item.  Sort, filter and use views.  Create a personal view. 


SharePoint 2013 Basics


​This is a quick tutorial on navigating around in the new SharePoint 2013 site. This gives a high-level overview of SharePoint 2013 team sites, basic site settings, the new my-site, and basic customization features.


Share documents


This video shows you how to share a document in OneDrive for Business with other people. You can invite others to view or edit the document or folder and they’ll receive an email that includes a link to that item. You’ll also see how to respond when you’re notified that someone is sharing a document with you.


Organize/configure SharePoint library


​There are several ways to organize and manage your SharePoint libraries. This intermediate video-based course teaches you to create and use folders, sort and filter with columns, create custom views of items in the library, and restrict access to a library.



MySite Follow - walktrough



Introduction to SharePoint lists


Learn what a SharePoint list is and some examples of different types of lists you can use.


Create a document library



Adding documents to a library



Introduction to document libraries


This course teaches you how to perform common tasks in a document library. Topics include ways to use a document library, uploading and editing files, and checking file version history.


How to move documents within and across libraries


This video will show you how to move documents within and across libraries.


Find stuff with SharePoint search


SharePoint search is like Bing for any information within your company.


Office Web App demo


Enhancements to Word web app editing, creating a new .ppt and advanced editing capabilities in web app.


Understanding Permissions


Adding new users, changing a user's permission level, checking current permission level, understanding permission levels...


How to work with tables


Site members can create tables in SharePoint pages. This video shows how to work with tables on a page.


How to edit the top link navigation



How to edit quick launch navigation



How to add an app



Create and set up a list


This video-based training course teaches you how to create SharePoint lists using built-in apps, create and edit views of the lists, share lists with others, and set alerts so you can be notified automatically when lists change.


Create and manage a blog


This course teaches you how to create and manage a SharePoint blog. Topics include basic tasks such as creating a blog, using categories, and modifying post layouts. Also learn how to set unique permissions for a blog, and also in lists and libraries within a blog.


Visualize data using BI features


Share dashboards and interactive reports using Power View.


SharePoint task management


Manage personal and team tasks right within SharePoint and integrate with familiar tools like Outlook and Project.


Manage risk with SharePoint


A single place to perform eDiscovery across sites, email and IM.


How to organize and assign tasks


Find out how you can keep your project on track with an interactive timeline that lets you break your project into steps, assign tasks to people, and keep an eye on what needs to get done.


How to keep track of all tasks in a single view


Learn how you can stay on top of things by keeping an eye on all of your personal and assigned tasks from Outlook, SharePoint or Project Professional, in one single to-do list.


How to gain deeper insights with Power View


See how Power View can help you gain valuable insights into your data so that you can ultimately make better decisions for your organization.


How to create and share a dashboard with Power View


Watch how you can whip up a stunning dashboard with Power View so that you can visualize and share your insights with everyone you need to in SharePoint.


How to build a data model with PowerPivot


Learn how PowerPivot can help you create a powerful data model from all of your relevant data sources.


Discover insights using BI


Explore and combine data from multiple sources using PowerPivot.


Create and customize pages


Your public website in Office 365 includes web pages that you can customize by adding your own page content, including text, images, videos, and apps. This video-based course teaches you how to add and customize pages, manage pages, and create and manage blog posts.